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my thoughts on the season 2 finale


How about April actually saves Donnie for once but… With a ‘price’, if you know what I mean.

Sorry dude it took me so long to make this D:
The first pic is actually what you asked me for, but i wanted to continue and show it as a little story about them :> looks a little 
tedious though

I don’t know what to say about their relation in series since Casey appeared and Don has started to behave pretty strange and wrong for his actual character. If he’s a brain he might not act like a big terribly jealous fanboy, let April make her own decisions and just be near her to help and cheer her up. It’s not like I really don’t like this,but..  I’m just waiting for new season to see their relationship to develop. That’s all

I hope you like, dear qvq






Went to Dreamworks exhibition, at ACMI. It was definitely worth it. This is one of the few best thing that I got to see.

holy. fucking. shit.

That was amazing!!

This made me so happy you have no idea

Sit through this whole thing. It’s fucking amazing.


WIP stuff for Chippy. I’m extra late for her birthday along with others’ birthday gifts. 

This is an AU where Jack has the other night fury (albino), lives deep in a blizzard biome with his tribe, he was already a chief of his tribe way before hiccup became chief, he has that airbending staff that aang has instead of a flight suit (though he looks like he has one.) Blink (the albino night fury and the temporary name given by Chippy) shoots ice and lightning instead of fire and lightning. S/he was saved by Jack before s/he hatched, so basically they’ve been buddies since childhood. IDK. The AU is in progress. I feel like there will be LOTS of changes. 


Aug(De)Mented Reality - Video





Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Maleficent (2014)


novice buddhist monks. photos: 1. mahabodhi temple in bodh gaya, india by rajesh kumar singh; 2. thimpu, bhutan by roberto schmidt; 3. tibet by brian sokol; 4. mandalay, myanmar by bonnie stewart; 5. yangon, myanmar by damir sagolj; 6-7. bago, myanmar by paula bronstein